Informing patients attractively has never been easier.

Use LobbySpace to personally greet, inform or alert your patients or staff to special situations in real time.


Info-Screen Software in Kliniken

Your patients will love it.

Particularly in the stressful daily routine of a clinic, patient communication is enormously important. Due to the current time, changes to the operating procedure must be communicated in real time.

With LobbySpace, your staff can easily create content that is absolutely CI-compliant. Entertain your patients with relevant content such as information on opening hours or current hygiene measures. Even the additional sale of massage offers is child’s play with LobbySpace.

Digital patient communication rethought.

Inform and entertain your patients in real time.

Promote offers

Attractive in your design and in real time

Inform patients

For example, share whether the gymnastics area is open

Patients entertain

Tell your story and introduce your team, for example

Get to know LobbySpace.