LobbySpace as a retail digital signage solution.

Especially in retail, informing customers about new offers, specials and upsales is enormously important. The timing has to be right and the content has to be appealing to make a significant impact. Based on these requirements, we have developed LobbySpace.

All info screens under control across all locations.

A major requirement of chain and franchise systems is to ensure a consistent look and feel across all point-of-sales.

Campaign targeting becomes a breeze with LobbySpace. Whether on selected or all sites – with one click you have your campaign displayed in real time. You also get statistics on how often a campaign has been played, so you can offer a reference to any advertising partners.

How INTERSPORT uses LobbySpace.

INTERSPORT Germany has been using LobbySpace for several years to offer their retailers a professional and simple digital signage solution at the point of sale.

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Your content perfectly tailored to your customers.

Customer communication at the point of sale can be so simple.

Promote offers

Attractive in your design and in real time

Generate upscales

Show your latest offers, specials or upsales


Campaign management and CI-compliant templates for your stores

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